Sergio Sports Mix is a Sergioverse-based project where Sergio, Jorge and many more face off in twelve different sports. It is made like a possible game for the Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay modes Edit

Free Play Mode Edit

Up to 4 players (4 systems for each player in portable mode or 1 system with 4 Joy-Cons in table-top mode or TV mode) can play as any of the available characters in any sport and any stage.

Dodecathlon Edit

The game's Story Mode. The player's Mii moves to the Comet Sports Complex, where all the available sports take place, to participate on the Dodecathlon: The objective of this challenge is to beat the Champions of the 12 sports. To do so, you'll have to make your way to the top and raise "Fame" by beating opponents. Eventually, you'll catch the Champion of that sport's attention and they'll challenge you. If you beat them, they'll give you a medal that marks you as the new Champion.

Online Edit

Similar to Free Play Mode, you can challenge people from all around the world for a match.

Characters Edit

Captains Edit

These 20 characters (21 if we count Mii) can be directly controlled by the players and act as the captains in most team-based sports like Baseball and Soccer. Depending on their stats, they're divided between Balanced, Speed, Power and Technique.

  • Sergio - Speed
  • Jorge - Balanced
  • Marta - Technique
  • Dani - Technique
  • Laura - Speed
  • Alvaro - Balanced
  • Carlos - Power
  • Shawn - Speed
  • Luisianna - Balanced
  • Ian - Technique
  • Silvia - Speed
  • Alba - Power
  • Beta Sergio - Speed
  • Alfonso - Power **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Thunder - Speed **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Explosiva - Technique **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Alfonso Jr. - Balanced **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Mike - Power **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Numa - Balanced **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Lollie - Technique **UNLOCKABLE**
  • Mii - Any (Exclusive to Story Mode)

In most team-based sports, the player is able to pick a set of teammates to go alongside the player's character.

Sports Edit

There are 12 sports available. In the Dodecathlon mode, each sport has a different champion that the player will be able to challenge once they have enough Fame.

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Dodgeball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Skate Race
  • Rhythm Gymnastics