P-Balloonians are a species that reside in the Sergioverse.

Phisiology Edit

P-balloonian sergio marta

Sergio and Marta transformed into P-Balloonians

A P-Balloonian appears to be a P-Balloon, from Super Mario World, that mutated into a human form. Their bodies can vary depending on the P-Balloonian, so there aren't two of the same, and they keep the white-colored P that now appears at the front of their torso, as well as the balloon nozzle, which is now located on their back. They also grow hair, which is shiny and rubbery, as if they got an inflatable wig glued onto their heads, which means that they cannot grow or cut it short. Their eyes are of a darker shade of yellow and light blue pupils.

P-Balloonians are hollow on the inside and lack a digestive system. They can still eat, but they won't absorb any nutrients afterwards, and this also makes them unable to gain weight. Despite the existence of both male and female P-Balloonians, they seem to reproduce asexually as they completely lack genitals or any kind of reproductive organ.

Clothes can interfere with their inflation. Because of that, P-Balloonians are always naked, with the exception of hats and/or glasses. They cannot wear earrings or any kind of piercing accessory, as it can make them pop accidentally.

Abilities Edit

P-Balloonians, as they are generally humanoid balloons, have the ability to inflate themselves at their own will. However, they can also be inflated manually through their nozzle.

They also have the special ability to transfer whatever they have been inflated with (Mostly air, water and fruit juices) to anyone that pops them. After they get popped, they can instantly regenerate their bodies, but this process gradually slows down as they grow older, some P-Balloonians spend days until they fully recover.

Thanks to the scientific research, it is possible for humans to experience being a P-Balloonian during a short time thanks to the P-Balloonian Body Spray.