Multi-5 is an action series featuring five elite agents from several European countries. It doesn't seem to take place in the Sergioverse.

Plot Edit

In an Earth different from ours, Europe's safety is the responsibility of the five most powerful countries of the European Union: Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Because of this, these countries' leaders have brought back an elite force called the Multi-5.

The Multi-5 was first created during the times of the Second World War funded by Germans and Italians that were against the dictatorships of Hitler and Mussolini. The UK and France, being part of the Allies, joined them later on and the fifth member was Spain. Their duty was to gather intel for the Allies in order to defeat the Axis. At the end of the World War, Germany was divided by the United States and the Soviet Union, causing the Multi-5 to disband.

Now it's the year 2017 and multiple terrorist groups and super villains plot to take over Europe, and that's where the Multi-5 step forth!

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit


The Multi-5 from left to right: Kate, Alain, Hans, Carlos and Marco

The Multi-5 is composed by five members from different countries

  • Carlos (Spain): Carlos has participated in many crime-fighting operations in Spain and, willing to branch out, has been chosen to be part of the Multi-5. His experience has made him a great strategist.
  • Kate (United Kingdom): Kate is a spy from the British government expert in infiltration and gadgets.
  • Alain (France): Alain comes from France and is a master of disguise, having the attire most fit for the occasion.
  • Hans (Germany): Hans is the security chief of the Bundestag in Germany. He's a great powerhouse and is the team's self-proclaimed driver.
  • Marco (Italy): A famous Italian hacker hired by his government to hack conversations between terrorist cells.

Secondary characters Edit

  • The Council of European Presidents: The presidents of the countries from where the Multi-5 come from. Their responsiblity is to keep Europe safe from terrorists and supervillains, which is why they brought back the Multi-5.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Multi-5 comes from the feature that many videogames released in Europe had which was the ability to choose between five or more languages, these being mostly English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.