The Hot Air Suit is a power-up that, while originating in the Sergioverse, it has been spread across other universes.

Description and abilities Edit

The Hot Air Suit is a full body latex suit that has the user's favorite color as its main color, as well as black parts such as gloves and boots. The zipper is located in the suit's front area and goes from the neck to almost between the legs. In addition, the suit comes with a helmet that has the same colors (Varying main color with a black horizontal line). If the wearer usually wears a hat or a bandanna, using the Hot Air Suit will cause this type of headgear to change colors into the aforementioned ones.

The suit can be inflated by twisting a knob hidden underneath the left glove. In a matter of seconds, the suit's lower half will inflate into a spherical shape, making the wearer look bottom-heavy with their feet slightly peeking out.

Once inflated, the user can fly or dive bomb to the ground. It also makes them able to reflect projectiles like cannonballs or missiles thanks to the softness of the suit.

However, it is advised to not to stay near any powerful source of heat while inflated, as the air inside would expand because of this and eventually overinflate the suit. When overinflated, the suit becomes fully spherical and the user's head and limbs are usually engulfed. In this state, the user cannot control the suit at all until the air cools down again.

The suit is not undestructable though, getting hit by a sharp object will cause the suit to spring a leak and not be able to inflate until it is repaired.

Power-up combination Edit

Somehow, the Hot Air Suit is able to combine with other power-ups mainly from the Super Mario series

Appearences Edit

The Hot Air Suit has been commonly used by the Newsboy Legion, especially Marta, Laura and Luisianna. However, it has also appeared in other projects.

Project P4 Fusion Edit

The Hot Air Suits is one of the seven power-ups that the Investigation Team can use. Its icon is a little doll wearing the suit The suit's color varies depending on its wearer:

  • Yu: Grey
  • Yosuke: Orange
  • Chie: Green
  • Yukiko: Red
  • Kanji: Black
  • Rise: Pink
  • Teddie: Yellow
  • Naoto: Dark blue

As well as being able to fly and crush enemies, the Investigation Team can also spin and bump enemies away.

Trivia Edit

  • Early designs for the Hot Air Suit showed that the helmet was also able to inflate into a long balloon, making the wearer look like a giant bowling pin. It also lacked a visible zipper and black parts.
  • The conecpt for this suit began back when Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced. Its purpose then was to recreate Blimp Yoshi into a piece of clothing