Alvaro is a resident of the Sergioverse and one of the members of the Newsboy Legion.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Alvaro. As far as we know, he's Carlos' best friend and roommate and joined the Newsboy Legion at some point.

Appearence Edit

Alvaro reference

Reference sheet of Alvaro

Alvaro is a white male with blue eyes and messy brown hair and a goatee. He appears to be on his 20s. His everyday clothing consists of:

  • An orange vest with a black tank top underneath
  • Dark blue jeans
  • Dark red shoes with white soles
  • Redish black fingerless gloves

Powers and abilities Edit

Alvaro owns a strange weapon called the Drill Gloves. With these, drills come out of his hands and Alvaro can use them to dig, break rocks and much more. He can also perform spinning attacks similar to Crash Bandicoot.

Personality Edit

Alvaro appears to be an eccentric person, sometimes trying to hog the spotlight from Sergio and Jorge with the help of Carlos, who is his best friend.

He also seems to have a soft spot for Luisianna, but he's too shy to tell her.

Relationships Edit

  • Carlos - Best friend and roommate
  • Luisianna - Possible love interest
  • Sergio, Jorge, Marta, Dani, Laura, Shawn, Ian, Silvia, Alba - Fellow Newsboy Legion members
  • Alfonso - Nemesis

Other counterparts Edit

Alvaro (Fire Emblem) Edit

Alvaro has a counterpart of the same name in Nintendo's Fire Emblem series. Alvaro is a young man that travels the world as a treasure hunter with his friends Carlos and Luisianna. When Sergio and Marta's group first meet him, Dani is asking him for help to retrieve his Dragonstone. You can choose to recruit one of the three friends to fight back the Kilferian soldiers that are keeping Dani's Dragonstone (With the other two joining you automatically after the Dragonstone is retrieved). After the battle against the Emperor of Death, Alvaro's outcome depends on what happened with Carlos and Luisianna: If both of his friends are still alive, the three will continue travelling the world but often returning to Condalia to check on their friends. However, if Luisianna, Carlos or both die, Alvaro will enter into a state of severe depression and will become a criminal to drown his sorrow, and rumor has it that he was eventually caught and put into justice.

Alvaro starts off as a Thief. He can pick locks and fight with swords and daggers depending on the range. Later on, he can upgrade into Assassin, where his Speed and Skill are boosted to the point he will be very likely to land critical hits, or into Master Thief, where he only boosts speed but is able to lockpick doors and chests without having to use lockpicks.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Alvaro holds the title of "Eccentric Explorer" and is a neutral dagger on-foot unit.